Turn on that object

Toto is a game engine for the real world.

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Turn your child into an explorer

Toto is a game engine for the real world - a platform with which unsupervised real world games can be designed and scripted. The platform supports a variety of different game mechanics and real world game concepts, from treasure hunts through the city to multi-player spectacles with actors and interactive installations.

Artists and game designers have used Toto to design and run teambuilding events for companies and games for up to 1000 people.

Turn visitors into participants

Scale up to thousands of players

Toto can be played by an inde nite number of players at the same time, depending on your game design. You can divide your players into groups that solve different puzzles and experience different parts of the story or alternative endings. Their actions change the storyline while playing. Interaction between the groups changes the course of the game.

Bring objects to life

Integrated Internet of Things elements let you combine all devices that can be connected to the internet: actuators, micro controller, augmented reality, smart card reader, physical web, twitter feeds, automatisation, sensors. Implement all your technical fantasies in one game engine.

Develop it once, let it run forever

The Smartphone-App accompanying Toto makes it easy to let a game or guided tour run unsupervised for as long as you wish.

Turn that stranger into your team member

Mass scale events – entertain thousands of players

Players solve tasks in groups and have to work together to reach their goals, totally immersed in an exciting story and an interesting environment. The players nd themselves in a scripted universe with interactive sets, actors, astonishing events and large scale group experiences.

Guided museum tour – Bring exhibits to life

Your visitors are guided through the exhibition, learn facts and solve puzzles. Your exhibits are integrated into the game. The correct answer lights up a dark display case, the stuffed bird starts to sing and secret scribblings appear on an ancient document.

City tour – Take it outside

Send your players on a journey through the city, searching for a hidden treasure, a story, a meaningful conversation. Incorporate interactive stopovers and digital puzzles and integrate shops, bars or restaurants. An intuitive permission system makes cooperation with partners easy: They can edit their parts of the game without having access to the whole game.

Turn walking into jump and run

Toto is an all-in-one platform, engine, and client for the design and implementation of games played in the physical world. The core of the Toto platform is the backend, which manages games, players and sessions. Clients can communicate with the backend via the Toto API. Game designers can author a game via the Puppetmaster User Interface – a frontend content management tool where game content and flow are designed and modeled.

Turn yourself into Leeroy Jenkins

  • multimedia integration
  • video mapping
  • augmented reality
  • upload function for photos, videos and audio files
  • QR code scan
  • multiple choice and free text tasks
  • minigames
  • monitoring of all players

Turn that locker room into a bonus level

One of the most unique and exciting features of the Toto game ecosystem is the Toto Objects Service, a collection of Internet of Things-style devices that allow Toto to connect into the real world and control your game environment resulting in an infinite range of behaviours.

All Toto Objects are connected to the Toto Platform via the internet and are triggered automatically based on the game designers’ specification in the Toto Puppetmaster Interface. All Toto Objects can be scripted easily by the use of custom defined payloads and can be updated on the fly.

Turn your world into another one

The TotoRun Game Client is the main way that a player moves through the game. By downloading the free app for Android or iOS anyone can play a game providing they have the correct QR code to join that game. The app provides the player with all the information they need to continue in a game, keeps track of their progress, and provides the interaction with the platform needed to solve puzzles, trigger events, and complete challenges.

The TotoRun App can be provided as a Custom Designed Client. Choose your own logo, colour scheme, fonts, and custom designed features and functionality.

Turn ed on?

Bring life to objects. Make them tell stories that everyone will love to experience - from adult to children. Turn on that object is the new way of experiencing rooms and their content - from a small chamber up to a whole city.

Whether you just want to use our platform or whether you want us to design a game for you from scratch, get in touch with us.

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