toto is a platform designed to create interactive location based games in a web browser that users play on mobile devices.

toto at performersion!

Imagine an object comes to life by the help of a smartphone and will send you on a quest through an exhibition, provide more information about itself by playing a video or giving backgrounds by opening the correct website.

Use any object in a room, building or even city to start a quest or to open bonus levels. Do not only take a map on your journey but have an exciting adventure while exploring.

Tired of showing people around and playing the guide? Make them showing around themselves by having an awesome adventure. Ever wanted to save someone from a supervillain? turn on that object can make you doing so.

Turn ed on?

Bring life to objects. Make them tell stories that everyone will love to experience - from adult to children. Turn on that object is the new way of experiencing rooms and their content - from a small chamber up to a whole city.

Wanna create a tour or a game for your customers, your students or your friends? Contact us: info@toto.io

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