Toto in action
Photo by André Wunstorf

Toto - The Game Engine For The Real World

Create compelling, engaging and highly interactive games. Bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world.
Toto is flexible and scalable up to thousands of people playing games simultaneously: multi city scavenger games, team building events or exhibitions and cultural festivals.

Projects created with Toto

Since today Toto has been used for various events and use cases: IoT-driven conference games, massive multiplayer team building events, interactive theatre, multi route scavenger hunts and city walks. Check out our latest projects.

re:publica conference game - Toto in action
re:publica conference game - Toto in action
re:publica conference game - Toto in action
No Return - Toto in action
Game Over - Toto in action
Game Over - Toto in action
Game Over - Toto in action
TotoRun App - Story
TotoRun App - Map
TotoRun App - Element
TotoRun App - Element solved
Branded App - Kein Kläger - Story
Branded App - Kein Kläger - Element
Branded App - SPALT - Story
Branded App - SPALT - Element
Branded App - SPALT - Map

TotoRun - The App To Play

Many use cases. One app. Additionally under your brand containing your logo, color scheme, fonts and features.

Toto Objects
Photo by André Wunstorf

Toto Objects - Integrate connected devices

Sensors, actuators, micro controllers, digital inventories, physical web, twitter feeds, automatisation.
Build your own IoT like network with one game engine.

Toto Storyline

Non-linear storytelling

Create thrilling and challenging adventures. Implement blind alleys, shortcuts and alternating branches.
Challenge your audience by combining micro tasks, quests, puzzles and many more.

Platform. Engine. App.

Create, run and modify immersive experiences for your customers. Manage games or maintain installations out of your browser.

Authoring - Challenge graph
Authoring - Story content
Toto Objects

Toto Scripts - Add functionality as you need

Automate workflows, customize system monitoring. Scripts are powerful to extend the possibilities.

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